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Hostel Situla, Novo Mesto, Slovenia

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Hostel Situla offers overnight accommodations (with breakfast) in different rooms- single bed rooms, two-bed rooms, dorms, and the two-bed ensuite (i.e., Dwelling of a Hallstatt prince).

Hostel Situla was renovated and furnished by experts and artists, who conveyed the art of situla into the present and gave it a modern meaning. You can buy various gifts at our shop, and we are quite certain that they will become a lovely memory for travelers and a suitable gift for you and your family or friends.

Hostel Situla has incorporated the history of the Halstatt period (from the early Iron Age) into its atmosphere and design. Each floor of the hostel displays wall lights that have been specially designed to present the art imprinted on situlas. Thus, each floor presents a different story from the Halstatt period (i.e., Social life, hunting & fishing, crafts & market, love).

Moreover, the sheets and linen have been designed with patterns that relate to this period.

1) Internet Café and Bar:
In the internet café you can enjoy cold and hot beverages, as you read guides, world literature, and literature about the archaeological heritage.

You can also enjoy special cocktails at the bar. We serve delicious cocktails that were specially created to resemble the ceremonial drinks that were served in situlas during the Halstatt period.

2) Information Point:
Hostel's information point provides you with details on Novo mesto's events and trips, we can also help you find a guide, who will help discover the hidden places of Novo mesto and Dolenjska.

3) Situla Restaurant:
Our restaurant offers traditional Slovene cuisine and dishes known in this area in the early Iron Age.

Lunch (everyday) from 9AM to 2PM
Dinner (Fri, Sat, Sun) from 7PM to 11PM

4) Garden:
The garden is open from 7AM to midnight. The garden provides a relaxing environment where guests can enjoy drinks or have lunch/dinner with friends and family. We occasionally host small concerts and puppet shows.

5) Gift shop
You can buy the products (T-shirt with Situlas, books, bed linen, replica of situla made from a clay, fabric or wood, pillowcases) in our gift shop and we are quite certain that they will become a lovely memory for a traveller and a suitable gift for you as well as for your family or friends.

1) City Center:
You can find the City Hall, the main square fountain, and a church.

2) Museum of Dolenjska:
The museum presents an impressive collection of Archelogical and ethnological collection of artifacts from the Halstatt period (from the early Iron Age).

3) Lokal Patriot Club:
Lokal Patiort is a cafe/bar that also serves as an exciting entertainment center. It hosts various concerts and festivals (e.g., Fotopub, Jazzinty).

4) Simulaker Gallery of Modern Arts

5) Publishing house Goga
Goga publishes literary Ana Goga, Lunapark Junior and other editions. Goga produces Goga musica.

6) River Krka:
Rent a canoe and ride through the River Krka or take the tour boat and experience rich natural and cultural heritage that the river offers.

7) Hiking trail along Kocevski Rog:
Kocevski Rog is the largest forest in Central Europe. Experience the unspoiled eco-spacious forest reserve.

8) Castle Otocec

9) Kostanjevica Cave:
Kostanjevica is Dolenjska´s largest Karst cave and is rich with stalactites and stalagmites.



Novo mesto is located 70 km south from Ljubljana towards Croatia border. Hostel Situla is located in the centre of Novo mesto, 30 m from the town hall, 10 minute walk from the nearest bus or train stop.

When you take train from Ljubljana-Novo mesto or Zagreb-Novo mesto, get off at the station Novo Mesto Center. Go up the stairs when you come to crossroad go straight along roadway to crossroad where you will turn right and follow Rozmanova Cesta to Hostel located at Glavni Trg.

Exit at bus station, walk across the bridge over river Krka, turn right at Novi trg at the crossroad where you will turn right and follow Rozmanova Cesta to Hostel located at Glavni Trg.

Leave the motorway at exit (izhod)Novo mesto -east. Go straight until first roundabout then you turn right at the first road, go straight until the second roundabout then you turn in the direction Metlika. Continue straight until the next crossroad then you will turn right. After 1,5 km turn right and cross the bridge you are in city center. Hostel Situla is located at the end of Glavni trg.

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